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January 28, 2008

Hypocrisy, thy name is persecution

Filed under: Philosophy — Zurahn @ 7:40 am

Honk if you hate Scientology

Sure, it’s entertaining to see the demonstration, but if you consider what’s really going on, it’s a bit incideous.

Why is this a joke? Apparently religion is now being given the credibility of reasonable thought and rationality because that’s the only reason one would scoff at Scientology. As crazy as it might sound, yes, I’m defending Scientology here. If you went out on the street with a “Honk if you hate Christianity” poster, you’d get sworn at and assaulted, if not arrested, and once inevitably posted on the Internet, you’d come off as the bad guy.

We were not created by Xenu. Alright, fine. Why? It’s insane and unfounded. Great! Now explain to me the different between that and Yahweh. …I’m waiting.

There is no difference. What we must accept is that it’s either we persecute every religion freely, or none. So as long as other religions have a free pass and insulting it is considered hate-speech, Scientology should be given the same “respect.” Note the paradox here between this and religion in schools. It’s all or none, and the only practical answer is always going to be none.

Do I think it’s insane to believe in Scientology? Of course, but I think the same of other religions.


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