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April 17, 2008

Weirdest Screen of Death

Filed under: Computers — Tags: , , , , — Zurahn @ 8:54 pm

I finally got around to checking the contents of my digital camera, and found an old video of the most bizarre screen freeze I’ve seen.

My guess is that I traveled through time into a bad 80s sci-fi movie.


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  1. Wow. Yes, definately reminds me of Commodore 64 on LSD.
    I suppose I don’t expect much better when you get your computers from Danny, ie. mysterious sources.

    By the way, if any electronic item you have ever breaks down, I should tell you that you are entitled to a full refund, even if your computer is 5 years old. Hey, business law is actually good for something.

    In short, the consumer protection act automatically overrules any warranties or other attempts by the store to limit your right to your money back, if the product has a “hidden defect” (as long as you don’t drop it or it’s a worn out tire from use, etc.)

    I shouldn’t have to point out that Future Shop extended warranties are therefore useless and don’t cover anything you don’t already legally have.

    You might have to talk to a manager or even call head office, but once they know that you can get a $500,000 fine on them from the Ministry of Consumer & Commercial Relations, they tend to give in and just give you a new computer.

    Comment by Anonymous — April 17, 2008 @ 11:15 pm

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