Logic’s Last Stand

May 22, 2008

IE8 Furthers My Rage

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I’ve been publicly berating Internet Explorer at every opportunity for several years for various reasons. Given my continuing efforts to create accessible web designs, the Internet Explorer family of cringe-worthy standards compliancy is the source of my derision.

Internet Explorer 8, it’s in BETA right now, and I have it installed. It’s supposed to have improved standards compliancy, and while it does fair much better in the Acid2 test than IE7, it cannot pass a this compliancy test from 11 YEARS AGO.

Internet Explorer has broken inline padding. For once, fix Internet Explorer, Microsoft–wait, scratch that. Don’t fix it. DESTROY IT. Start over. For my sake. For all of our sakes. Put it out of its misery.


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  1. […] Internet Explorer 8 BETA 2 Released August 29, 2008 — zurahn The second BETA version of Internet Explorer 8 has been released. If you recall my experience with BETA 1, you’ll note that it was slow and a standards failure. […]

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