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June 4, 2008

Making the Most of Every Moment

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The classic inspirational line is that time is fleeting and that we must make the absolute most of every moment. While it’s a nice thought, noone expands any further. It’s just assumed that it’s a matter of going after goals and focusing on the socially accepted items of importance.

I’m here to tell you it’s flawed and naïve. Give up? No no, it’s much simpler, in every sense. The most of every moment are the moments of every day. The simplest things are the most imporant. While the big dreams are desirable and you can be proud of should you achieve them, they are not the majority of your time and cannot be as such.

Instead, the walk down the street, the 22 minutes of your favourite show, or the catchy new song on the radio. It’s not productive, it’s not helping the poor or saving the world. It’s life, and it’s great. Enjoy it.


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  1. I’m not a fan of the “live like you will die tomorrow” mentality either……. many people say it, very few ever do it. Even if you were 90% sure you actually were going to die, would you risk the 10% you look like an idiot afterwards?

    Most people take this idea as going skydiving, telling someone that you love them, etc.

    What would I do if I really wanted to make the most of every moment or if I knew I was going to die tomorrow? What would I want to do if I knew there would be no chance for future consequences?
    – Rob a bank
    – Use proceeds of crime to pay for sex (not a prostitute, just find someone you find physically attractive and offer them $100,000. Guaranteed to take it.)
    – ALL money left over gets gambled
    – Beat a dog to death (or possibly a homeless man)
    – To finish off the day, I’d try LSD and “magic mushrooms” TOGETHER.

    Why so negative? You can do things that are positive or neutrally affect society at any time, it takes a dead man to do something truely horrific and socially appaling.

    Comment by yarcofin — June 5, 2008 @ 5:39 pm

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