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June 14, 2008

A Letter to Canada Free Press Part 3

I tonight received another form letter from Yomin Postelnik, which you can read here. If you’d like to see what he’s rambling about, see this post from the Atheist Experience blog and the comments therein.

This was my response e-mail:

Your time, sir, would be better spent addressing the issues as opposed to spewing rhetoric. Such issues are as follow:

1. An explanation why either you should not be criticised for using logical fallacies, or why they are not logical fallacies
2. Why a fan-site by Stephanie Krus that sells old copies of Hepcats has anything to do with your dispute or commerce laws
3. Why your IP address is the source of the Wikipedia vandalization, during what you stated yourself were your business hours
4. How Martin laughing at the fact that his blog post was second on Google for your name constitutes a conspiracy, or how you specifically assigning someone to find dirt on Martin is somehow righteous in comparison.

I’ll also note that correcting you when you write a third-person article interviewing yourself does not constitute “posting derogatory comments all over the internet”

I also personally have some issues with regard to your seeming hypocrisy on several issues. For one, your repeated accusations of my attempts to “censure” you. You posted on the Atheist Experience blog to which you linked, quote,

“You will face legal action if you don’t remove the posts.”

I have not demanded, nor requested, the removal of your article or articles, but you have done that yourself to others in opposition to you.

Additionally, even in this very e-mail, you do the same.

“Unlike Martin, I’m not a harasser.”
“Martin is simply a liar, a bully and a thief and that Russell is simply a two faced lackey”

Directly calling you an idiot is unnecessary and uncalled for, and to that point, I agree. Agree or disagree, however, doing so is not actionable in court, despite your constant threats. Comparing you to Ray Comfort, though, is entirely appropriate, unlike your comparison of three blog posts as the equivalent to the KGB.

By the way, this comment was left on my blog, “Anyway, the writer actually asked us to pass around his follow up. Spoke with him tonight. He said he’s “up to his ears in ranting and raving atheists” but that none of you made sense.” Martin is a liar? That sentence is a lie, because that was you, on the evening of June 10 and 11 from the IP address, which is the same as the priors e-mails from you.

Oh, and faked your IP? I’m glad you so openly admit that it was your IP address. Clearly you know as little about computer science as you do biological science. You can only control the IP address on your local network. In order to connect to the Internet and consequently EDIT WIKIPEDIA, your Internet Service Provider’s DHCP server must provide you with an IP address that is unique. Each ISP is provided a range of addresses. If you change your external IP address by editing your router settings, you will not be able to connect to your ISP. So unless you’re alleging that someone from the Atheis Experience went to Florida, got an Internet account with Bell South, waited for your IP address to expire and renewed their IP until it matched the one you had just released, you’re hand is clearly in the proverbial cookie jar.

Despite the fact that you cannot be sued for calling someone a moron, you can, however, sue for someone falsely asserting criminal acts, such as connection to illegal narcotics or pedophelia, such as you or someone who broke into your home or office and used your computer in the middle of the night.

When you post a ridiculous article, rebut by denying evolution, write bizarre third-person self-referential comments and articles, threaten a ridiculous lawsuit, and proceed to vandalize a Wikipedia entry alleging pedophelia it’s not doing much harm to atheism to include the occasional derogatory remark. However much damage could be done by a single blog in the first place.

So, in conclusion, by all means go to the “mainstream media.” It can only help to make it clear that there are atheists unwilling to condone such nonsense.

Here are some screenshots of my blog comments management section and of the header of an e-mail from Yomin:

EDIT: I received a reply. A fittingly stupid conclusion,

I don’t have the time to converse with book burning wannabes and idiots who don,t see the difference between trying to censor an op-ed column and a malicious, personal and false blog spot that was being manipulated by the site owner on google.
Suffice it to say you,ve proven how very sick and depraved you and so many on your side are, as well as how dangerous and censoring. About the ip, read what I wrote.
I am asking you to stop writing me personally, which is again not a free speech issue. If you send any further emails they’ll be viewed as harassment and your isp will be contacted.
The public will be warned of the depraved tactics so many of you atheists use to attempt to stifle desent.

I will respect his incredibly ironic wishes, and instead respond here:
A man who thinks 2+2=5 is rightfully called an idiot. Mathematicians telling you the answer is 4 is not censorship. Claiming harrassment because someone called you on your complete an utter lack of understand in virtually every capacity while calling polite respondants, sick, depraved, communist, part of the gulag, etc. is by-the-burning-book hypocrisy. Also note that he claimed these atheists weren’t being “American.” Maybe he knows so little because of a cripplingly short memory — his article was on Canada Free Press.

Completely disregarding questions and counter-points and instead launching personal attacks and decries of censorship and persecution do nothing to help your position and further demonstrate how empty your attempted “proof” was. Similarly, your original column, sir, claimed “proof”. Clearly you do not understand the concept of proof trying to again disregard debunkment of your article as merely “disagreement.” Proof is not a matter of opinion. Proof is mathematical and inarguable. You have failed to argue, let alone prove.

I am not a physicist, and I am not a biologist, so when I can personally tell how incredibly polluted your concept of physics and biology are, imagine how grotesquely outrages I find it when you try and claim something in the field of computer science. I read you wrote with regard to your IP address and told why unless someone broke into your apartment that was you who both vandalized said Wikipedia entries and directly and unabashedly lied on this very blog.

It is fitting, then, that you go out the way you started: with empty rhetoric about censorship while avoiding the topic and demanding no one say anything negative.

Oh, and let me not forget the final little hypocritical note: I originally didn’t even write to Yomin Postelnik personally, I wrote in general to letters@canadafreepress.com. Yomin contacted me himself using his personal address. Why didn’t I write to him? Because as I said, a man who thinks 2+2=5 is rightfully called an idiot. A man who insists is rightfully called a Creationist.



  1. Poor guy is on a one-way street called OWNAGE, next exit 500 miles.

    Don’t let him threaten you against emailing him back, like you said he can’t even touch you in Canada :P. Keep him running the logical gauntlet and get as many people to pound PROOF and SCIENCE and THE TRUTH into his head until he gets it.

    Seems like the perfect opportunity to:
    A. Bring back The Anti-Bunkum Movement in a big way
    B. Get a huge forum such as 4chan or Ebaums to defame his character (just by explaining the truth :P) across the internet to run his credibility into the ground and make sure no mainstream outlet will be willing to pay for one of his articles again. That’s not an attempt to censor, that’s just saying it is cruel punishment to subject people to his rhetoric.

    Comment by Yarcofin — June 15, 2008 @ 8:56 am

  2. “So unless you’re alleging that someone from the Atheis Experience went to Florida, got an Internet account with Bell South, waited for your IP address to expire and renewed their IP until it matched the one you had just released, you’re hand is clearly in the proverbial cookie jar.”

    Ah!! That must be it! Do you think the KGB would do any less!!!???

    Atheists will go to any lengths to repudiate God!!!


    (is the sarc tag necessary? 🙂 )

    Comment by PRAISEGOD — June 19, 2008 @ 10:33 am

  3. There’s good info here. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog. Keep up the good work mate!

    I’m Out! 🙂

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