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June 20, 2008

Introducing Insert Coin

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Insert Coin is the new site I’ve developed focused around discussion of the latest news in its premiere feature, Gamingeek Weekly.


All users are able to write reviews and blogs. Reviews have the option of using the unique weighted review system, or a generic single-section review system. All reviews and blogs have a comments section along the right side.

In the Reviews and Blogs sections, you’ll find on the left your own blogs (if you’re logged in) and to the right, the latest blogs from those on your friends list. You can add users to your friends list by going to their profile page and clicking the button to add them. If you do, a private message will be sent to them telling them you’ve done so. Your mailbox for PMs is on the far right of the menu bar.

You can upload your avatar from your Profile and choosing to upload a new avatar.

And finally, there’s Gamingeek Weekly. This includes a whole new method of organization for each day’s news and a custom pseudo-forum. Unlike 1up, I actually do have some filtering or HTML for the sake of security. Currently Youtube videos can’t be posted directly, but I’m working on it.

There’s still plenty to do, such as fixing up the profile page and PM management, as well as getting RSS feeds going. This is, though, I think a solid starting ground.

Be sure to voice your opinion on what you like, what you don’t, and how to progress. While I can’t make everyone happy, I can certainly try.



  1. Great name. Sounds like it has great features (I’ll get back to you after I sign up and try it a bit.) I especially like the Mario “?” box as the tab icon. It also fits widescreen whereas none of my other sites I visit cater to that.

    However, the whole “Google ad” design is really turning me off though. It seems way too simple when you consider how much crap 1up and Gamespot pack onto their front page, but then again it’s a brand new site.

    – Images (I don’t know the legality if you have to ask the game’s creator before you can put their images on your site)
    – Less white space. If you are going with blue, make the background in that table a different shade of blue and the rest of the title/header as well. This alone will drastically reduce the “looks like an ad/placeholder site upon first glance” effect.

    Comment by Yarcofin — June 21, 2008 @ 9:19 am

  2. When I’m logged in, I would prefer it to say “Welcome, Yarcofin” at the top right, over the mailbox icon. Yes the logout button indicates I am logged in, but it’s not enough :P.

    Pages need either back buttons, or make the menu scroll/drop down so I can directly choose from the menu.

    ie. I click Profile, go into Change User Settings. If I then want to go to my Change Avatar page I need to click Profile AGAIN and then Change Avatar…. web users are very lazy and spoiled. When you mouseover “Profile”, it should display “Account Settings/Change Avatar/View Friends” all at once without having to go to the page.

    Comment by Yarcofin — June 21, 2008 @ 9:26 am

  3. The Reviews/Blog sections allow me to post my own blogs, but it doesn’t display an RSS feed of most recent blogs or featured blogs, most popular, etc. It’s all about community.

    GamingGeekWeekly is broken in Opera (Menu extends into comments and obscures user names/images, See here:

    Comment by Yarcofin — June 21, 2008 @ 9:31 am

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