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July 31, 2008

You Failed to Escape!

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Turn-based RPGs dating thirteen Final Fantasies backward have had the “Run” option. If you’re in trouble, you have the option of making a getaway, or at least an attempt to.

In all this time, though, it doesn’t seem like much progress has been made in terms of the logic of this. The premise is that you can run away if the battle is too difficult–but here’s the catch: you can’t escape when the battle’s too difficult.

Run that by me again? The only time the option is useful is when the option is useless.

But what about skipping battles, you say? RPGers long know that running away from many battles is tantamount to suicide. It’s the semi-grinding of fighting every battle you can that makes the game flow properly. Without the option of running away from the battles that actually are a significant threat, Run is just taking up menu space.


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