Logic’s Last Stand

August 5, 2008

Digg, You’re Cut

Filed under: Computers — Tags: , — Zurahn @ 9:18 pm

I joined Digg.com just under one year ago, and enjoyed the site. It was an effective aggregate of entertainment and various weird and important news items. But I just can’t take the crap anymore.

Summary of today’s topics:
Obama, Drugs, Obama, Bad webcomic, Obama, Bad webcomic, Duplicate Story, Sex, Obama, Drugs, Sex, and just plain crap. And none of it is interesting regardless of topic. Batman’s voice? A video of grass?

This all within a month of non-stop The Dark Knight stories, of which ~150 made the front page. Meanwhile the “new algorithm” implemented a few months back did nothing and the top Diggers still get whatever garbage they submit to the front page–usually just stolen off of the previous day’s Reddit stories.

So I’ve had enough. Not sure what I’ll replace it with, but pretty much anything would be more constructive and interesting.


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