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September 2, 2008

The Google Web Browser is Released

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Hot on the heels of the surprisingly improved Internet Explorer 8 BETA 2 release, Google has released its own browser, Google Chrome. Google Chrome is a very lightweight, open-source browser based on the Web-kit engine.

Acid3 results

For the heavy users of browser features and customization such as myself, Chrome is not going to be taking over top spot, but for the layman, the instant load-up and extremely fast loading that may actually surpass Safari is pretty attractive.

Chrome features the usual standard features, though, including tabs, saved passwords, private “Incognito” browsing and phishing protection. It even has a developer console, though with much to be desired. Absolutely baffling is the lack of a Google search bar (though technically the address bar functions as such).

The innovation seen in Google Chrome is in the crash protection design. Each tab is a separate threaded process, meaning if there becomes an issue with a site that causes the browser to crash, it won’t be the entire browser, but rather that individual tab that goes down. In addition to protecting against taking out your entire browser session, it also limits bloated memory hogging as the memory usage is a per-tab basis and leaks become less significant. The downside seems to be a base increase in memory usage per tab.

As if installation wasn’t simplified enough for people, now downloading the 400KB executable downloads the full installation files and automatically installs it to your Application Data folder in Documents and Settings without the option of a specific location or any files in the traditional Program Files folder.

Double-click to open/close tabs, address bar opening in a new tab, adblock, flashblock etc. are all absent. Basically, what was listed above, is the browser.

Google Chrome is light and fast. A new standard for minimalist browsers and a welcome addition to the market.


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