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February 12, 2009

Canadian Nationalism

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A news story hit the CBC tonight about a small New Brunswick school that removed the daily practice of the singing of O Canada (the national anthem). While interesting, that’s not what I consider the story here. The story are the comments on the news article. Flaming, pugilistic, racist, nationalist drivel.

The exact reason why the national anthem should not be played daily has nothing to do with political correctness with regard to its reference to God or its extremely mild male bias in phrasing, but rather blatant nationalistic indoctrination.

If you want to teach kids to be proud of Canada, how about instead of pounding “Stand on guard for thee” into their skulls, you teach them about the legally provided support of multiculturalism passed in 1971. How about the Charter of Rights and Freedoms that further stengthened prior rights by entrenching it in the Constitution itself in 1982. Perhaps even a nod to Vancouver consistently being considered one of, if not the most livable city? Push it all the way and even just the stereotype of Canadians being polite to a fault.

We take the values that, for better or worse, define Canada and throw them out the window at a pin drop. Rather than suggesting that perhaps if the anthem were that precious that it would arise on its own outside of school — that it’d have some purpose outside of daily brainwashing — an angry mob responds with “Go back to your own country.”

You know what? There’s one more Canadian value, which is anti-American sentiment. The United States is a melting pot; this concept is that of the Borg: assimilate. That multicultural law I mentioned earlier, which I consider the foundation of Canadian values, is the exact opposite. No matter who you are, what your culture or values, bring them with you. Enrich Canada with that culture, and that itself is what makes you Canadian.

The commenters are outraged about a song. I’m ashamed at how un-Canadian they have responded.


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