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March 7, 2009

DRM is Obnoxiously Stupid

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As you should already know, I spend a creepy amount of time on the computer; consequently, my monitor is of much better quality than my television. So after I had recently ordered and received a copy of The Dark Knight on DVD, I decided instead to watch it on my computer.

Another point you should realise is that I run Linux, which isn’t necessarily a friend of the movie industry. Lastly, you must be aware that DVDs contain Digital Rights Management software.

There is a library available in Linux called libcss2 that allows playback of movies with copy-protection. However, The Dark Knight happened to have revamped its encryption and decided to just curl up in a ball and say “nu-uh!” to the person who just legally purchased the film.

Whatever intended purpose there was to this, it was clearly an empty obscene gesture to those who just wanted to watch the movie, because the disc obviously contains the movie, and that being said, it’s not going to be difficult to watch it anyway.

mplayer -sb 2500000 dvd:// -alang en

And it plays just fine. A single command line function to essentially skip the copy-protection.

Instead of trying to stop people from using the items that your customers have purchased, perhaps spend a little more time understanding that by doing so that makes simply downloading the movie a better product.


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