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January 30, 2010

My Dream

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I’ve essentially spent about 6 years failing to find work. During this time, I have managed to hold two actual jobs. The first lasted a span of 2 months: I didn’t apply there (must have been forwarded through a student job board), started literally within half an hour of the call, got no training, and then got placed on call and never called again.

The second was in a call centre where I’m fairly sure they would have hired a spambot if the application were done online.

During this time, starting from mid-highschool, I obviously graduated high school (83% average, Principle’s Award for honours every year), then graduated college in web application development (GPA 3.4) in April of 2008. I’ve gone through half a dozen resume formats, gone through a job search course in college, gone through a government job search program. I’ve gotten nowhere.

From that time, I haven’t had a single interview in the field. I am presently at University for Computer Science, not really out of any specific aspiration, but with the sense of having nowhere else to go.

My whole life I’ve managed to be a realist. I can’t say I’ve ever really believed in anything ridiculous along the lines of Santa, Tooth Fairy, God. Despite loving baseball, I never had the aspiration to be professional as many children allegedly do, as there was no way that was a reasonable expectation or practical career path.

The same can be said for pretty much all the favourites. I’ve been preparing myself for one, rather specific dream: To live alone in a small city apartment, with a lower-middle class position and wage pertaining to the field of computers. There’s no concern to be rich or even just relatively highly salaried; no expectations or drive to fame; no delusions of ever finding love.

I’ve set the bar as low as I can, and I’ve failed miserably.


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