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August 5, 2008

Five Favourite Movie Scenes

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Obviously given the nature of the list, there are spoilers ahead. So if you don’t want them, stop at the title of the movie.

5. Network – This Tube

To put this in perspective, Network was released in 1976. Over thirty years later, this rant affirms the moniker of “the mad prophet” of Howard Beale. One of the greatest rants ever seen on film, Beale expresses the frustrations and corruption that plague American media to this day.

4. Collateral – Free Ride (5 minutes in)

It’s all in the execution, and the sheer style that is seen throughout Collateral is set in motion by the poignant early scene introducing both Max and Annie. I remain almost mesmerized by the captivation of such a relatively menial encounter.

3. Jackie Chan vs Benny the Jet – Wheels on Meals

Where great writing and subtle delivery may work as a device for good filmmaking, you could also choose to set up a fight between two masterful martial artists. I don’t really need to see every other fight scene to reach the conclusion that this is at least tied for the single best fight scene ever, because it just can’t get any better. The dexterity is almost hypnotic.

2. Princess Mononoke – Wolf Princess infiltrates Iron Town

To use, to a degree, the clash of three different tragic heroes in one scene is quite the feat unto itself. Belaying the action of the scene with such a masterful sense of tension having a situation where there are three characters involved and the viewer is made to want none of them harmed is truly special.

1. Hot Fuzz – Taking back the town

There is simply one thing that is evident in this climax scene to Hot Fuzz: Its only goal is to be as enjoyable as absolutely possible. It has just about everything packaged in one excellent fight scene, particularly considering it’s also placed in the context of a comedy. Hot Fuzz: It’s not just good–it’s jumping through the air firing two guns good.


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